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Our First Dispensary & Wholesale Shop in Thailand featured by Thaiger

Our First Dispensary & Wholesale Shop in Thailand featured by Thaiger

Slimjim Thailand, the rising star in the cannabis equipment sector, proudly announces its meteoric rise and exciting new offerings since its December 2022 debut. What began as a dorm room dream in 2010 has blossomed into a comprehensive brand leaving a major footprint in the Thai market. With a stronghold in over 800 dispensaries, pharmacies, and cannabis shops across the country, Slimjim takes its place as a true market leader.

Its first outpost in Bangkok, Slimjim Strains ignites a higher level of indulgence. Unleash the hidden dimensions of your chosen strain with a perfectly paired craft beer, each sip a brushstroke on the canvas of your high. From citrusy IPAs that complement sativa’s bright energy to rich stouts that deepen indica’s introspective journey, Slimjim curates an orchestra of taste and effect for the discerning cannabis connoisseur.

Slimjim’s distribution catalogue is more than just a shopping list, it’s an invitation to an adventure. Uncover a boundless expanse of smoking accessories and paraphernalia, each piece meticulously chosen to ignite your inner connoisseur. Whether you’re drawn to handcrafted artisan work or cutting-edge technological marvels, Slimjim has something to fuel your curiosity. And speaking of fuel, Slimjim’s role as a leading distributor for top global brands means you can experience the world’s finest smoking tools without leaving your haven.

Join the Slimjim Squad & Blaze Higher

This exclusive clan gets 25% off on everything, from bud to bongs. Be a cannabis tastemaker – score first dibs on secret strains and gear. Spark friendships at Squad-only events, workshops, and insider gatherings. Flaunt your membership badge and bask in the envy. The Squad isn’t just perks, it’s a family. Blaze higher – join the tribe. Limited spots!

Slimjim’s unique-style bongs

Forget generic bongs! Slimjim partners with Chiang Mai’s own graffiti extraordinaire, What the Yak, to craft the all-in-one graffiti pack, a bold statement piece available in over 200 Thai locations. More than just a smoking accessory, this collaboration celebrates Slimjim’s seamless integration into the vibrant tapestry of Thai life, where tradition meets modern innovation in a smoke-filled embrace.

Smoke safely with Slimjim’s filters

Leading the charge towards safer smoking, Slimjim champions groundbreaking carbon filters crafted with natural coconut charcoal and protected by secure ceramic caps. These ingenious filters dramatically reduce harmful monoxides, delivering a smoother, more enjoyable experience while pushing the boundaries of smoke filtration.

Slimjim’s presence around the world

Slimjim’s reach extends beyond Thailand, already blazing a trail in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, South Africa, Germany, and Canada. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation promises to captivate cannabis enthusiasts around the world.

About Slimjim Thailand

Slimjim Thailand is a dynamic brand redefining the cannabis equipment sector. From its humble origins as a dorm room concept to its current role as a market leader, Slimjim embraces innovation, quality, and a dedication to creating exceptional experiences for discerning cannabis enthusiasts.

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