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8 Free Gifts with Every Order this April

8 Free Gifts with Every Order this April | Slimjim India | 420 Gifts

Its April and we are celebrating 4/20 with a clutch of partners and all of our customers.

All you got to do is place an order this month and enjoy 8 complimentary gifts from us and our solid partners. Here is a list of all the amazing items you shall receive with every order this 4/20

1) Hari Leaf Herbal Blend (Sample Pack)

Looking to cut down? This herbal blend is perfect from those that want to say no to tobacco. Made with rose, sage and other ayurvedic formulations, Hari leaf is a healthier substitute for your sessions

2) 3DP Roach Pad

With 33 perforated filter tips per booklet, these roach books offer convenience and quality in every roll. Crafted from strong fibers, our papers ensure a firm grip and a seamless rolling experience, whether you're using hemp, rice, or traditional rolling papers.

3) Spiff Pre Rolled Cone

These pre-rolled cones offer smooth draws and consistent burns with every puff. Designed with precision, each cone ensures an effortless smoking ritual, allowing you to indulge in pure flavor and satisfaction. Enhance your sessions with Spiff - Ace White Pre Rolled Cones and experience premium excellence with every inhale.


4) Slimjim Coloured 1 1/4th Paper

Newly launched in pink and blue colours, These short papers are perfect for a solo colourful session 

5) Slimjim Carbon Filter ( Trial 3 Pack)

A revolutionary filter that will change the way you light up. The trial pack consist of 2 x 6MM and 1 x 7MM filter so you can try all the sizes  

6) Tic Tac Candy

Keep fresh with some mints for after your session

7) Stickers

New Stickers for April 4/20

8) Slimjim Key Chain

A one of a kind unique nug shaped keychain, launched for April 4/20 and perfect for your home or vehicle keys


Orders through the month of April will get all of the above listed freebies in every order. Go ahead and check out our collection now

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