• The 'High' Profilers | Slimjim India

    The 'High' Profilers

    We all associate the world of celebrities with an undeniable prosperity, elegance and sophistication. But ever so often, we dive into a world where the grass is always greener and...
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  • Hemp Wraps vs Tobacco Wraps

    Hemp Wraps vs Tobacco Wraps

    From time to time, the stoner community has evolved from simply sticking to rolling papers to now using bongs and blunt wraps. This ever growing shift was made possible due...
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  • Stoner Things!

    Stoner Things!

    Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 & 2 is now streaming on Netflix, and I have to say the duffer brothers really raised the stakes for the upcoming season 5 finale....
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  • Top 8 Date Ideas For Stoner Couple

    Best Date Ideas For Stoner Couple

    Normal dates, such as going to the movies or out to dinner, become much more exciting when both people are high. If you're both too high to plan your next...
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  • What is 710 Day?

    What is 710 Day?

    You might be wondering why I should be happy and celebrate July 10th? Well if you're a cannabis enthusiast you already know the answer but if you don’t it’s all...
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  • Hemp infused food for the win!

    Hemp infused food for the win!

    Hemp has been skyrocketing over the past few years ever since the government provided a sense of clarity regarding the sale and production of hemp related products. From various brands...
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  • Top 5 Party Essentials

    Top 5 Party Essentials

    We all aspire to host the best party any lad or dame has ever attended at some point in their life. Picking out drinks, snacks and games that everybody remembers...
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